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Sylt has long been a playground for Germany’s rich and famous, and is called the "German Hamptons" for good reason. Pronounced "Zoolt," Sylt is a surreally beautiful, 25-mile long island on Germany’s North Sea coast, that has one of the longest unbroken stretches of immaculate sandy beach in all of Europe. Sylt is famous for its invigorating sea air and sense of space. This summer enjoy magnificent vistas of the sparkling sea, huge sand dunes and endless fields of bright-yellow flowering rape!

The City

People began visiting Sylt in the middle of the 19th century to take advantage of the iodine-rich air. In the 1960’s, Sylt became famous for "the rich and the naked," when the entire island became one big party. The island has grown up quite a bit since then, and it’s a tamer affair these days. With its Michelin starred restaurants and some very cool bars, Sylt is one of the chicest destinations in Europe. Sylt is a very popular destination simply because of its beautiful beaches, dunes, idyllic Frisian hours, lively towns and the lovely fresh sea air. For an island that is only 25 miles long and 700m wide at is narrowest point, Sylt is a big, little place. The largest town is Westerland, which sits bang in the middle of the island. Hörnum lies to the south, while at the northern end is List – the most northerly town in Germany. Understandably, it gets very busy in several places. However, such is the magic of this island that it’s easy enough to leave the crowds behind and find your own bit of beach.

Do & See

Sylt is heaven for anyone who loves the outdoors – you can do all manner of activities from surfing to cycling or just relax, take it easy and marvel at the big skies and endless beaches.


Sylt might only be 38.5 km long, but it has three Michelin starred restaurants, among around 200 places to eat – from bistros to world-class restaurants. The cuisine itself comes from all over Germany. Seafood, of course, is the real local specialty. The sand flats around the island are a superb breeding ground for shellfish, and Sylt’s oysters are considered among Europe’s finest.

Bars & Nightlife

There are bars of every variety to be found throughout the island. Generally speaking, Kampen is the place to head to for the best bars, along and around Strönwai. In Westerland, head to Friedrichstrasse. Smaller towns like Keitum have quaint Frisian taverns where you can relax with a beer. Sylt offers an exciting and diverse nightlife that concentrates mainly around Westerland and Kampen. During the summer, the party heads to the beach.


Thanks to its status as a playground of the rich and famous, there is no shortage of designer shops on Sylt. However, it is not all about labels on the island – smaller, cuter shops and boutiques can also be found here. Kampen is home to elegant jewellers and designer boutiques with their luxury wares, while a wider, more down-to-earth variety of goods can be found in Westerland. The shops on Sylt are a must for lovers of tea, honey and jam. Also worth a look are the art and craft shops and studios, traditional in the village of Rantum. Similar delights are also found hidden in the side-streets of Keitum.

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