Historium Bruges


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Historium Bruges

In the Historium, you quite literally step back in time. In different ways you will be able to learn about the vibrant city of Bruges during the Golden Century. Historium Story tells the love story of Jan van Eyck’s apprentice, Jacob. After that, you can discover more about Bruges in the Middle Ages in the Historium Exhibition. Historium Virtual Reality takes you back to the year 1435, allowing you to sail virtually into the old city port, where you will fly past the Water Halls and the Saint Donatian’s Church, both of which have long since disappeared. The Historium Tower takes you up the 30-metre high Neo-Gothic tower for a stunning view over the Markt.

Do & See

Some places are so special, so breathtaking or so unique that you simply have to see them. Bruges is filled to the brim with wonderful witnesses of a prosperous past, whether they be peaceful and picturesque, spiritual or, on the contrary, extremely entertaining.