Duc de Bourgogne


Copyright: Toerisme Brugge / Jan Darthet

Duc de Bourgogne

On 27 April 1648 a permit was granted for the pub ‘Den Hollander’ to be established on this spot. In 1830, when Belgium had just gained independence, the establishment was renamed ‘De Koe’, a gathering place for the elite of Bruges. Thanks to its unique location on the Reien (the canals of Bruges), today it is the most photographed restaurant in the city. If you want to be a part of the picture, you’ll find an impressive vista and a classical restaurant decorated like a mansion. You can choose between a full-course meal or select the budget-friendly lunch.


To savour and to feast, that’s what Bruges is all about. A land of plenty for lovers of the finest delicacies. Nowhere else will you find so many appetising culinary delights in such a compact area. Indeed, the citizens of Bruges themselves are mightily fond of authentic food and drink.