Handmade in Brugge


Copyright: Visit Bruges / Jan D'Hondt

Handmade in Brugge

Bruges is full of passionate and highly motivated creative people, who day after day prove that craftsmanship has a future and that Bruges’ craftsmanship is timeless. Modern-day artisans who produce their wares locally and by hand are recognised with the award of the Handmade in Bruges label. The Handmade in Bruges guide (available in Dutch, French, German and English and available for free from the tourist offices) bundles together these ‘makers of things’, putting them both literally and figuratively on the map, allowing you to find your way with ease to one of their many stores or workshops selling handmade goods. And once you are there, you are almost certain to leave with an original, handmade gift — either for yourself or for your family and friends at home. Make sure you also visit De Makersrepubliek at Academiestraat 14, an open house for Bruges craftsmen, young entrepreneurs and start-ups. The home to Handmade in Bruges is situated Sint-Jakobsstraat 36.


Although Bruges is often associated with the virtuosity and mastery of craftsmen from the past, today’s city is still a breeding ground for creative entrepreneurs of all kinds. You can find dozens of authentic shops, each offering that little extra something, often nestled alongside the more traditional and reputed art galleries and antique emporia. Shopping in Bruges is a veritable voyage of discovery, ranging from original and trendy newcomers, through vintage addresses that exude nostalgia, to classic establishments that have been run by the same family for generations.