Casa Verde


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Casa Verde

Casa Verde is a family-run restaurant chain and they are not hard to find since there are several around Cebu. The menu is affordably priced and you really get good quality food for the price. They are famous for their baby back ribs, cooked to perfection. You will find one of the restaurants on:


Eating in Cebu is an experience with a multinational choice of restaurants, particularly around the Ayala district. The undecided should try a Filipino turo-turo—literally "point-point" restaurant, where patrons point at whatever they fancy from a spread of dishes. Street-food abounds in Cebu and is amazingly cheap, sugba or sinugba (barbecue) is particularly popular and include marinated sweet pork, chicken, and seafood on sticks. For dessert, "Halo-Halo", is a refreshing mix of grated ice, sweet beans, tropical fruits and ice cream. Below are the best places to eat in Cebu, Philippines: