Wakamatsu Yakiniku


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Wakamatsu Yakiniku

This Japanese/Korean inspired restaurant is always packed with customers enjoying its delicious Yakiniku and extensive buffet, so make sure to book a table at Wakamatsu Yakiniku in advance. The all-you-can-eat option is great value for money and you will certainly leave happy and stuffed.


Eating in Cebu is an experience with a multinational choice of restaurants, particularly around the Ayala district. The undecided should try a Filipino turo-turo—literally "point-point" restaurant, where patrons point at whatever they fancy from a spread of dishes. Street-food abounds in Cebu and is amazingly cheap, sugba or sinugba (barbecue) is particularly popular and include marinated sweet pork, chicken, and seafood on sticks. For dessert, "Halo-Halo", is a refreshing mix of grated ice, sweet beans, tropical fruits and ice cream. Below are the best places to eat in Cebu, Philippines: