The Washery Laundromat & Café


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The Washery Laundromat & Café

At this quirky and modern venue, you can do your laundry while having a cup of coffee and a small bite on the side. They have two branches where they offer various laundry services, and each houses a cosy cafe area where to hang out. If craving for something sweet, they serve cookies, cakes, and pastries too.


The coffee culture in Manila is continuously growing and evidently, there is a wide variety of local cafes, including big international chains to choose from where the baristas are passionate about their coffee. Whether you like your coffee hot or iced, strong or mild, black or flavoured, you will for sure find a place where to tickle your taste buds. When the craving for something sweet kicks in, do not worry, there are plenty of desserts and pastries to pair with your coffee or tea. Here are some the best cafes in Manila: