Ulvereds Hjorthägn


Copyright: Chris Greenhow/unsplash.com

Ulvereds Hjorthägn

Ulvereds Hjorthägn is a farm with a restaurant, offering meals with dishes mainly made from local produce — venison, other types of game, fish, mushrooms, vegetables and berries that are in season. Good food and a nice atmosphere with the deer strolling right outside the restaurant guaranteed. Stop by at 1 pm to get the best view of the deer during their feeding time. There's also a small shop where you can buy fresh as well as frozen meat produced on the farm, cold cuts, sausages and gifts among other things.


The highly-rated salmon from Halmstad is a well-established culinary mainstay. Local produce undeniably makes its mark on the food tradition with a local brewery and bakery. You will find the most popular restaurants in the town centre along the pedestrian streets and promenades in Tylösand.