Sternö-Boön nature reserve


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Sternö-Boön nature reserve

A unique and beloved preservation of nature. This nature reserve is filled with deciduous forest, seaweed belts, pines and a bloomy open ground that borders with a waterfilled quarry. Here you will find the rough Karlshamns granite and coast-gnejsen with its tunnels of pegmatite and fine-grained granite. Around Sternö-Boön along the sea you can also find a lot of old bunkers and fortifications that remain from the second world war, and if you are extra interested in history you may find old shipwrecks as well.

Do & See

To get a sense of what Karlshamn was like in the past you should head for the cultural quarter and visit Karlshamn's Museum, Skottsbergska Gården and the Punsch Museum - here it feels as if time has stood still for over a century. If you would rather get in touch with modern-day Karlshamn you might like to head for the nearby art gallery, explore the mysteries of science at Kreativum Science Center, try fishing on the river Mörrum, visit Karlshamn's beautiful archipelago or enjoy the freedom of the outdoors at Eriksberg Wildlife Park.