Second hand stores


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Second hand stores

Karlshamn has a large selection of second hand, antique and vintage stores. More information via link below. * 34:ans Fynd (second hand), Karlshamn * Antiquary Bode (books/magazines), Karlshamn * Antique & Flea market (second hand), Gungvala * As time goes by (vintage/second hand), Karlshamn * Blekinge Varuförmedling (second hand), Asarum * Ekenberg's Auctions & Second hand, Strömma/Karlshamn * Kupan Red Cross (second hand), Karlshamn * Recykarl/Trygg Byggnadsvård & Miljö (building/furniture care), Trensum * Retroverket/Zlanten (second hand), Karlshamn * Rätt Udda (second hand), Karlshamn * Samlartorget (stamps/coins), Karlshamn


Enjoy shopping in Karlshamn. Here you will find well-known chains, farm shops and small local shops in a convenient and cozy shopping center, close to the sea.